Simmons College becomes a University

I served as IT Project lead responsible to integrate technology platforms and processes for a school-wide academic redesign, as the college was repurposed to be a university (see announcement). This was considered by Simmons to be the most comprehensive academic redesign in over 100 years, and involved leading a cross-functional team of 60 people who analyzed over 500 systems and upgraded 25, including ERP (Colleague, Workday), LMS (Moodle), CRM (Radius) and web (Sitecore). The project went live on time with virtually no disruption for end-users. My current responsibility is co-project lead for a Workday Student deployment that will replace the legacy Student Information System (SIS).


U. S. Surgeon General initiative to ‘turn the tide’ on the opioid epidemic

The Turn the Tide RX website (now retired) was a pillar for a nationwide opioid awareness campaign led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Office of the U.S. Surgeon General. Targeting over two million prescribers, the site provided resources, success stories, event information and a call to join the movement for change. My role as project lead was to manage scope, deliverables, platform evaluation, design and implementation teams.

“As project lead for the opioid awareness web platform developed by the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General, Mike served as an integral bridge between executives, creatives, and engineers. Keeping the project on track, despite expanding and contracting timelines is a challenge that tested many, but Mike’s organization and resolve helped keep the group prepared for any outcome. There are few who can navigate the challenges of matching government technical requirements with innovative approaches and design. Mike proved he can effectively and creatively navigate those challenges to deliver a successful product for his clients.”

… Harris Qureshi, Sr. Manager of Policy & Consumer Education, Credit Karma (Former Directer of Digital Strategies, Office of the U.S. Surgeon General)

Improve health and wellbeing for 100 million people

100 Million Healthier Lives is an Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) collaboration of change agents transforming health, wellbeing and equity by establishing baseline measurements to track and share these improvements across a third of our population by 2020. My role is to help enable the design, development and deployment of the 100 Million Healthier Lives technology platform, which includes web, vendor and online community integration. 

“Mike is using technology to create a better world. He brings a deep desire to capture the essence of insights and experiences, to translate this understanding into helping our team improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people.”

… Somava Stout, MD MS, Executive External Lead, Health Improvement, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (100 Million Healthier Lives)

Streamline 2-week enrollment process to 5 minutes

This project for Sovereign Bank (now Banco Santander) involved leading a 50-person cross-functional internal development program to compress new customer onboarding from 2-week manual process limited to 100 per month, to a realtime system enabling thousands. Client interaction time was reduced from 45 minutes per setup to 5 minutes. Over 15,000 companies were enrolled in the first twelve months following rollout. 

“Mike is one of the most creative, out of the box thinking product managers I’ve ever met. He has the unique ability to look at a problem or business opportunity and create a totally unique solution. He has always impressed me with his knowledge of cutting edge technology and new trends in the marketplace. What really is important though is that Mike has the ability to take his creativity and plan, develop, launch and manage his idea.”

… Brian Sullivan, President, Net Technologies, Inc. (Former Assistant Vice President, Sovereign Bank/Santander)

Return-on-Investment and Eco-Impact Analytics

This project translated complex ideas blending return on investment and environment impact into the language of stakeholders by developing easy-to-grasp business analytics dashboards showcasing the benefits of electronic utility bills over paper (and contributed to the company receiving the 2010 SAP Pinnacle Award for Solution Innovator of the Year). 

“Mike was the visionary and driving force behind all of StreamServe’s efforts in establishing an industry leading position in Sustainability. This was not simply a marketing exercise, Mike had to convince an entire company that this was the right thing to do. His leadership in this area, as well as in SAP directed product marketing, resulted in a company changing moment when SAP decided to become a reseller of StreamServe solutions. Mike exudes honor, integrity and a passion for doing things the right way.”

… John Rueter, VP Marketing at Cambridge Semantics (formerly Chief Marketing Officer of StreamServe – now OpenText)